Timer - technical data
  • voltage rating: 5V
  • power supply current: 80mA
  • maximum voltage switched by the relay: 270 VAC
  • maximum current conducted by the relay: 6 A
  • turn on delay adjusted digitally: a few dozen ms - 3s (or otherwise according to the order)
  • dimensions: 65 x 25 x 21 mm (given height takes into account elements on the bottom side of the board)
  • parts height over the board: 17 mm
timer - widok z góry   timer - widok z dołu  

 The timer delays turning on the organ power supply for time required for all electromagnets control voltages to stabilise. You can change the delay by pressing buttons or holding them pressed. Change of delay is indicated by flashing LED. If buttons are held pressed, the delay timing changes until it reaches upper or lower limit (the LED is flashing in cycles with timing of 0.5 s). When the delay reaches upper or lower limit, the LED ceases to flash. The new delay will be applied after turning on the device again. The delay timing can be changed within a range of a few dozen ms up to 3s or otherwise according to the order.
The power supply voltage is turned on by a relay which is indicated by a LED.