At PROJECT OFFICE, we design and programme electronic devices which use microcontrollers sourced from numerous manufacturers. We specialize in designing and manufacturing pipe organ electronics. Our production range includes both ready-designed devices, shown on our sites, as well as prototype devices which are designed upon individual orders.
Our offer is addressed to organ manufacturers and companies who build new pipe organs or deal with repairing old ones. Our offer includes couple boards and setzers.


  The timer delays turning on the pipe organ power supply for a period of time which is required to stabilize control voltages of electromagnet coils. The time can be adjusted by pressing or holding pressed proper buttons which is indicated by flashing LED diodes. If the buttons are held pressed, the time changes continuously until it reaches the upper or the lower limit (LED diodes are flashing for periods of 0.5 seconds). Reaching the upper or the lower time limit ceases...
Handbook: "Applications of ATMega128"
Microcontroller ATMega128 in applications   PREFACE

The handbook entitled "Applications of ATMega128 Microcontroller" was written for people who intend to use AVR microcontrollers in devices which they have designed themselves. The book brings up examples of procedures and programmes which can help to understand problems related to assembler programming of microcontrollers not only belong to the above mentioned family. While most examples present easily understandable procedures, the book also allows us to find difficult and complex programmes. All the examples have been tested with one of the most complex microcontrollers...
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