Crescendo roll sensors - technical data
  • voltage rating: 7 - 30V
  • supply current: 300 mA
  • output voltages: TTL levels
  • number of crescendo levels: 32 (or other according to the order
  • photocell gap width: 5mm
  • photocell gap depth: 7,5 mm
  • dimensions: 100 x 65 x 34 mm (the given height takes into account elements on the bottom side of the board)
  • parts height above the board: 30 mm
płytka wałka crescendo - widok z góry   płytka wałka crescendo - widok z dołu  

 Crescendo roll sensors are used for detecting the rotary motion of crescendo rolls. The device changes this motion into 32 signals (or otherwise according to the order). Gap photocells, used as motion sensors, are placed in four rows (or otherwise according to the order) which are shifted against one another by about 1.7 mm (or otherwise according to the order). Placement of the photocells is according to the order. High voltage levels at outputs occur when photocells are covered. The sensor is adapted to work with the setzer.