Manual trackers - photocell boards for manuals
 Photocells boards are used to transmit information about the pushed keys to other tracker devices. Boards can be mounted directly under each keyboard octave or on the back side of the octave. Photocells can respond to pushing or releasing the keys, depending on the order. In both cases, the voltage output level is 5V or 0V (depending on the order).
The connector is made of pins set in two rows within distances of 2.54 mm which allows connecting it to other devices using a standard plug-in socket tightened on multi-wire strips. The board is powered through two pins. The pictures present boards for a whole octave. Boards for incomplete octaves are also available.

płytka dla pełnej oktawy - widok z góry   płytka dla pełnej oktawy - widok z dołu  

Technical data
  • voltage rating: 5V
  • supply current: 70 – 100 mA
  • output voltage: TTL levels
  • maximum output current: 5mA
  • photocell gap width: 5 mm
  • photocell gap depth: 7.5 mm
  • dimensions: 164.2 x 35 x 15.2 mm (whole octave, the given width excludes the connector, the given height takes into account elements on the bottom side of the board)
  • height of parts above the board: 11 mm
  • distance between photocells: 13.2 mm (compatible with the standard keys width)